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Elevate your products with our cutting-edge Hydrodip technology. Request a quote today to see how we can transform your items into works of art.


We provide the best Hydrodip in town to achieve customer satisfaction.


We take care of the quality to make our customers happy.


We provide the customer with the best finishes in the industry.


Our hydrodips are designed and done by the team of certified professionals.

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We Are The First Hydrodip In Town

We are the first in Los Angeles to offer Hydrodip services. We are also the only place in LA where you can have custom hydrographic printing made. We’re proud to have one of the largest Hydrodip tanks on the West Coast, and we can accommodate items up to 7 feet long. With our 550 gallon tank, this Hydrodip business can dip just about anything you would like to customize. Get started today and request a quote for your project.

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Our Expertise


At The Blacksheep Customs, we offer unmatched customization options, so you can create one-of-a-kind designs with our Hydrodip technology. We have hundreds of stock Hydrodip patterns, and we also have the capability to make custom designs. We create custom logos and artwork which we can integrate into any design, providing you with a one-of-a-kind Hydrodip film for your project.


We have options of high quality designer patterns.


We have options of high quality camouflage designs.


We have options with a variety of metal patterns.

Custom Design

We create custom logos, designs, and artwork
for your hydrodip project.

Carbon Fiber

We have options with a variety of carbon fiber patterns.


We have options with beautiful stone patterns.

Wood Grain

We have options with realistic wood grain patterns.

Our Designs


Our water transfer printing technology ensures durability and long life for your items. Say goodbye to fading and peeling designs that comes with vinyl wraps. We have the highest-quality finishes in the industry and have become the leading standard with our superior finishing options.

Our Facilities


We have a huge production facility located in Los Angeles, California. We can accommodate one-off projects as well as high-unit / low unit manufacturing for corporate and privately owned businesses. In addition to a quote, we will also provide manufacturors with complimentary samples to ensure you’re getting the look and finish you desire.

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Raving Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ Hear What Our Delighted Customers Have to Say!

At The Black Sheep Customs, we take great pride in our customers satisfaction and the experiences they have with our services. We genuinely care about each and every individual who entrusts us with their projects, and it brings us immense joy to see the look and reactions they get showing off their work from The Blacksheep Customs.

Rocco D.
    Rocco D.


    "The Black Sheep Customs' Hydrodip services in Los Angeles are exceptional. They are experts in providing custom hydrographic printing that is unique and eye-catching. Their attention to detail and precision is impressive, and their professionalism and dedication make it a pleasure to work with them. They were the first in Los Angeles to provide such services, which speaks volumes about their expertise. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a productive, well-designed, and excellently executed job."

    Andre Y.
      Andre Y.


      "The Hydrodip services provided by Black Sheep Customs surpassed expectations. Their expertise and experience were evident in the high-quality work they delivered. They transformed the customer's vision into a visually appealing design, paying attention to every detail. The end result was a perfect job that showcased their commitment to excellence. The customer service was also exceptional, with a focus on responsiveness and satisfaction. Black Sheep Customs delivered a fantastic job, leaving the customer extremely satisfied."

      Allan B.
        Allan B.


        "I worked with The Black Sheep Customs for Hydrodip and they did an outstanding job. Their team was professional, skilled, and efficient. They provided innovative design ideas and transformed my item into a work of art. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship were evident in every aspect of their work. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-quality Hydrodip work."

        Jack T.
          Jack T.


          "The water transfer printing technology offered by The Black Sheep Customs is superior to vinyl wraps. The finishes provided by them are of the highest quality in the industry. The designs on items remain vibrant and intact, even after prolonged use. This technology is a game-changer as it provides durability and longevity to the items."

          Leo S.
            Leo S.


            "If you want your items to have long-lasting finishes, The Black Sheep Customs is the best option for you. Their water transfer printing technology separates them from other companies. The finishes they offer have become the industry standard due to their unmatched durability. In comparison to vinyl wraps that fade and peel, The Black Sheep Customs' attention to detail is evident in every item they work on, ensuring exceptional durability. Say goodbye to worn-out designs and embrace the quality and longevity that The Black Sheep Customs provides."

            Hydrographic printing


            Hydrodip can be done on almost any surface or substrate except fabrics, for example shirts socks clothing ect. It can be applied to about anything. Objects made of plastic, wood, 3d printed, glass and metal. It can range from Automotive parts, interior and exterior of cars, motorcycle parts, guns ect. If you have any questions about you item and if it can be dipped send us an inquiry.

            Yes any project that you want to start with us, for example your motorcycle, slingshot, PlayStation or whatever items you plan to have hydrodipped would need to be disassembled. We can outsource disassembling for you, but there will be an additional third party charge, which is separate from your project cost. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via email or put in a inquiry

            Hydrodip processing usually will take about 2 weeks, this time is subjected to change if there are other projects in front of yours. If the timeline exceeds the 2 weeks it’s because we am not gonna put out anything that isn’t my best work and and we are proud of. Thank you for your patience

            Yes Hydrodip is better than vinyl wrap. Everything we produce has a clear coat Automotive finish on it. Which last longer and is stronger and more durable than vinyl. You can always tell a vinyl wrap when you see it, with Hydrodip it looks like a one of a kind piece. It is one with the item and looks like a one of a kind handmade piece of artwork.

            We have multiple finish choices for you to choose from. We have matte which is no gloss at all (0-4%), low gloss which is (5-19%), semi-gloss which is (20-59%), gloss which is (60-84%) and our number one picked finish which is show room finish. Showroom finish is equivalent to what you see on old show classic cars or low-riders, it’s a mirror finish. The cost differs depending which finish you choose for your project.

            Yes you can send us your items if you are not in Los Angeles. We do have have people ship us their items. If you choose this route please include a return shipping label as well so once we are done with your project we can send it back.

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